First Steps for Families . ORG

First Steps is a non-profit corporation engineered to meet some of the special needs of families with young children. We have elements geared toward early-childhood education and research in methods of reaching and teaching young learners. We envision a component of First Steps designed to help the children within families with one or more incarcerated members by helping the parents, who may be or have been incarcerated themselves, meet special requirements placed upon them by the judical system.

Community service, for instance, may be required as a condition of parole. Yet, the opportunities for community service are only available during the normal working hours when that person is required to be at work, another condition of parole. This common conflict has been known to cause a loss of parole. First Steps plans to help address this problem area by providing 24 hour access to day care.

This is just one example. There are many other areas First Steps plans to address.

Another area is early-childhood education. First Steps recognizes the dire need of all-day Pre-K education for these children in order for them to be ready for Kindergarten. By making use of strategies already developed and in practice for several years now, First Steps can show a multi-year pattern of improvement in the child's learning skills.